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Consolidating our telecoms market will drive our economy forward

The private sector has supported our government in driving forward some of our most important development goals.

To take one example, the telecoms sector has been vital. The mobile operators you know for data and minutes bundles have improved the lives of millions of Tanzanians. They are working hard to ensure their technology is accessible to all, leading to increased connectivity across the country and access to mobile money solutions to many who were previously excluded.

We have eight telecoms companies in Tanzania – one of the highest numbers in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.

You might think that more equals better, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case.

Reducing the number of companies will actually allow greater investment into the sector and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Merging two telecoms companies together would create stronger services for customers. A customer who currently has access to the services of one telco would essentially have access to the services of two following a merger – including their mobile money services and mobile internet access.

This also means that customers are getting more value for money, with sudden access to a broader and stronger network. It’s truly a win-win for consumers.

Our private sector is already contributing huge amounts to the country. But there is always more that can be done.

Let’s consolidate our telecoms market and ensure it is driving forward the country as much as possible.