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Telcos are revolutionizing our health sector

Last month, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender and Children, Ummy Mwalimu used an address to Parliament to urge Tanzanians to join health insurance schemes.

The Minister stressed that by joining these programmes, people will be able to receive healthcare services anytime without straining their finances.

It is well known that access to quality primary healthcare for all Tanzanians is a key target within the country’s 2025 Development Vision.

As such, the Government has worked hard to ensure that people across the country are able to receive affordable healthcare services.

Notably, in recent years Tanzania has witnessed a growing number of new private investments in healthcare provision. Companies from the private sector have leveraged their expertise in digital technology to improve access to care and overcome potential challenges.

These investments in m-health solutions directly impact the well-being of people and, thereby enhancing productivity and national prosperity.

One company that has been at the heart of the country’s e-heath revolution is Tigo Tanzania.

Tigo’s health insurance programme – Tigo Bima – is helping people across the country access quality and affordable services without impacting their finances.

Customers who buy a Tigo sim card can enroll in a range of plans, including life, personal accident and hospitalisation insurance to cover themselves and their families.

What’s more, if Tigo customers are admitted to the hospital, they will receive cashback for every night they have to stay. Services such as these allow Tigo customers to spread health costs over time and avoid sudden and costly health expenses. [A1] 

Companies such as Tigo show that technology holds incredible promise for health. Looking forward, these services can play a key role in working with the Government to provide a quality and affordable healthcare system. These opportunities can help drive Tanzania’s development ambitions and ensure it achieves its 2025 Vision.

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