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The Tanzanian telecommunication sector now employs over 1.5m people

Last week, the Deputy Minister for Works Transport and Communications, called upon the Tanzanian Postal Corporation to embrace new technologies and draw upon the benefits of today’s innovative digital solutions. Speaking at an industry event, the Deputy Minister highlighted the ways in which recent changes in the technology landscape are helping to drive the country’s economic growth. 

One sector which is helping drive forward the digital technology that has helped to boost economic activity is Tanzania’s telecommunications sector. 

During the past decade, the country’s telecommunications sector has invested heavily in developing digital technology, leading to a massive increase in the number of mobile subscribers to date. 

The sector has also enjoyed considerable growth itself. As a result, the Tanzanian telecommunication sector now employs over 1.5 million people, providing a wide range of job opportunities, from software technicians, customer support staff, and SIM card vendors.  With the roll-out of new technologies such as 4G, mobile operators have looked to expand their workforce to ensure a high-quality service for its customers. 

Meanwhile, many of the country’s mobile providers have introduced a range of digital services designed to boost financial inclusion and business productivity. 

One of Tanzania’s major mobile providers – Tigo – offers its customers the ability to save, pay bills and even acquire insurance via their mobile phones. By using Tigo’s service, previously un-banked citizens have gained a reliable means to transfer money and receive payments, which links them to the formal Tanzanian economy. 

Additionally, Tigo has helped small and medium sized businesses boost their digital capabilities by offering 4G mobile connectivity and office internet tools. 

The telecommunications sector’s role in developing digital technology and boosting economic activity is something we should all be grateful for. The recent Tigo-Zantel merger is the latest good news for the sector, as it will allow both companies to maintain healthy profit margins which can be used to reinvest in the next generation of infrastructure and services. 

This merger is just one example of the many ways continued investment into the sector can be encouraged and sustained. 

As we begin this new decade, it is important that we continue to support this sector to ensure that it continues its positive impact for customers, businesses and our economy more broadly.