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Telecom companies and the future of Tanzania’s digital landscape

Tanzania’s digital landscape has transformed during the past decade. Today, Tanzania has a thriving digital sector with over 11 million people having access to mobile internet. The convergence of increasing mobile internet penetration and innovative technologies now represents one of the best ways of helping to drive Tanzania’s social development forward in the future. 

To take one example, in recent years, the country’s telecom providers have worked closely with the Government to develop new ways to make it easier for parents to register their children’s birth. This is positive news for families as birth registration can help parents access a range of services including medical care, immunisation and social protection security programmes. As the child grows older, birth registration acts as the keystone for accessing national identity cards, getting a job or voting in the country’s elections. 

One household name – Tigo Tanzania – did just this. The company partnered with the Government to design an innovative and mobile-based registration app, which allows parents to quickly and easily register their children’s birth. This convenient application helps provide Tanzania’s next generation with a way of enjoying all the benefits of our society. 

The initiative between the Government and one of the country’s major telecom providers is a brilliant example of how strategic investment and an appetite for collaboration can foster innovative solutions to help enhance Tanzania’s social development. 

To ensure that the next generation of Tanzanians continue to reap these benefits, it is important that as a country we continue to work closely with the telecoms sector, listening to its needs and adapting accordingly. 

Nurturing an attractive investment climate is key – but changes should not be made for changes sake. Rather, the time must be taken to assess what adaptations are best suited for the sector’s future.

By supporting the industry and encouraging a sensible regulatory system, we will help encourage and safeguard the significant investment the sector requires in the long term. 

In doing so, mobile operators will be able to continue delivering value added services, which will help boost the country’s development – both socially and economically.